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In an earlier instructable, I gave you a recipe for a soda bread pizza ( ). Now we will do a traditional yeast bread pizza.  I know you can just use pre-made cheese, dough, and pepperoni or hamburger to make it really quick and easy. Doing it from scratch makes all the difference in the world.  This instructable will take two days to complete, but be at least to us a ten times better than the average pizza.  Starting at the beginning of a weekend is usually the best depending on your time restraints.  Who needs Di Giorno? Enjoy!

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Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

1 oven capable of doing 500 degrees Fahrenheit and stove.

1 packet quick rise yeast.
3 cups all purpose flour. (you can replace up to a fourth to a third with whole grain.
Something less than 2 cups hot tap water.
1 tsp salt.

1 oiled bowl on the inside for the yeast to rise in. ( i use a non-stick pot.)
1 small cup of oil to wet the surface of the bowl.
1 towel large enough to cover the bowl and soaked to keep the dough moist.
1 pizza stone or equivalent.
1 pan to hold the pizza for baking.


1 rennet tablet.
1 gallon whole milk.
1 half cup cider vinegar.
1/2 cup salt.

1 heavy pot. large enough for a gallon of milk and then some.
1 thermometer capable of measuring from 80 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
1 large extra pot for catching the whey.
1 fine mesh colander.
Plastic cover and weight.
Plastic container to hold the cheese.


1 bell pepper (green or whatever).
1 small can mushrooms
minced garlic or garlic salt.
1 tablespoon pancake syrup.
1 large can peeled tomatoes (or you can do it by hand).
Your secret spices.

1 large pot to make the sauce.
1 long spoon for stirring.


1 tube ground turkey.
1 tbl oil (i prefer olive oil).

1 frying pan.
1 spoon.

Step 2: Day Before Part 1.

Take the quick rise yeast, salt  and flour and gently mix it up.
Add 1 1/2 cups warm as you can get tap water.(depends on humidity)
The cool flour will bring down the temp of the water,
Stir that up till you get a dough consistency ball. I just do it by hand with a heavy wooden spoon.
Add water if it is not pliable to a sort of like thick mud.
Cover with a warm wet dish towel and and let sit over night (12 hours at least) in a warm place.
You may have to re-wet the towel every so many hours.
Cover wit a lid to keep in the moisture if you can.

Step 3: Day Before Part 2.

Pour the milk in a large pot.
Crush the rennet tablet into 1/4 cup water and let it dissolve well.
Add the rennet solution and vinegar to the milk then stir well..
Heat the milk until it is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. WATCH CAREFULLY!!!!
At 100 degrees Fahrenheit immediately TURN OFF Heat.
Let sit till the curds have separated from the whey (greenish milky stuff). Watch some tv.
Spoon out the curds into a find mesh colander that is sitting in a bowl the catch the excess whey.
Add salt and mix with the curds when all the curds have been retrieved.
Put on a cover over the curds and then put a weight over the cheese curds.
refrigerate over night.

You can reheat the whey to about 180 degrees and get more curds. (aka ricotta or recooked). Again Watch carefully.

You can add corn meal to the whey and make polenta. or let the cats have it
I did not add too much salt to the cheese since I intend to use it the same day.

Step 4: Day Before Part 3.

Open bell pepper to remove seeds and the white stuff. Discard inedible top, seeds and white stuff.
Dice finely.
In a big pot, put all the sauce and all the other ingredients in.
If the tomatoes are not pulverized please use stick blender or a potato masher to make on big blend. You might add a bit of water if it seems to thick.
Heat till almost boiling to get a meld of everything.
Let cool and refrigerate.

Note you can also use this sauce on pasta

Step 5: Day Before Part 4.

Put turkey in pan and sauté till fully cooked and browned.
You will want to break up the turkey so it is in small pieces to cook faster and be easier to distribute on the pizza.
Let cool and refrigerate.

Note: you could wait till the last minute and do this.

That is all for today.

Step 6: Pizza Making Day Part 1.

Remove dough and gently fold dough without deflating it.
Let it rise for a couple more hours if you can.

Step 7: Pizza Making Day Part 1.

After the two hours, pre-heat oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Take out dough and spit into portions for each pizza.
Spread out dough to size of pan.  Thickness is your preference.
Pinch edges so the topping will not spill over.
Add sauce, cheese, and turkey in that order (add other toppings i.e. pepperoni for your pizza if you wish).
Put pan with pizza in to oven on the pizza stone if you have one.
Cook till edges of the pizza are brown (watch carefully!)
Remove pizza and let if cool  somewhat.
Slice and Eat!!!!

Note: I only used a small portion of the dough and all the other ingredients. 

Step 8: If You Love the Pizza, You Will Love the Pasta.

Picture of spaghetti removed because of obnoxious remarks.

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