Introduction: Out Door Fire Pit

This is a easy way to build a permanent fire pit for your cabin, house, or camping area. This will take about a full day to do if you take your time and make sure that you follow every step and make sure that everything is in place. 

Submitted by Powell Middle School for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

1. Enough rocks (preferably large rocks that are the same color) to build multiple layers for the fire pit, and don't use sedimentary rocks!)
2. Several bags of cement
3. Enough gravel to fill the bottom of the fire pit
4. Several five gallon buckets (At least two)
5. A hose with running water
6. Several trowels
7. A flat building platform
8. A small shovel to remove any weeds or grass above the gravel floor
9. Multiple people to build ( The speed up the building process)
10.  A mixing drill
11.  Any size of kitchen sponge
12.  Cement Sealant & a paint brush (Any kind will work as long as you trust it)

Step 2: Step 1: Getting Started

Step 1:
First, lay out the many assortments of rocks you collected near the site where you are building the fire pit. After this you need to put down the first layer of rocks around the area where the fire will be in a circle.

Step 3: Step 3: Mixing Cement

Mix several cups of cement in to one of your five gallon buckets and put water into it and stir it slowly with the mixing drill. If you do not know how to mix the cement properly get help from your local hardware store or find tutorials online.

Step 4: Step 4: the First Layer

Once the cement is mixed let it set for a while. Place the largest rocks in a ring formation (make sure that the rocks fit closely together as you can).Use your trowels to put a thin layer of cement on top of the bottom layer and push cement into the small crevices and spaces. Once this is done spread cement in between the rocks and smooth it out with your fingers. Fill a different bucket with clean water from your hose and dip the sponge into it and wipe down the excess cement That Will Not Hold up the Rocks or Contribute to the looks of it! Smooth out the cement in between the rocks until it satisfies your tastes.

Step 5: Step 5: the Second Layer

Once you have the bottom layer completely done and you are satisfied with it, start the next row. This middle row will have the medium sized rocks. Make sure that the rocks fit together or are close (this will make the finished product look much better and it will make your life easier while building it). Use the trowels that you have and evenly spread cement on top of the first row and place your second row on top of them. Insert cement in between each rock like before and smooth it out with your fingers and use the sponge to clean the rocks. Use your trowels to put a thin layer on top of the second row and push cement into spaces that are not filled.

Step 6: Step 6: the Top Layer

Put the third layer of rocks on top of the second layer. These will be your smaller rocks (Not too small though!). Repeat what you did on the previous layers BUT don’t put a top layer. Smooth out the cement with your fingers and clean the rocks with sponge (don’t forget to clean and smooth the inside as well!).

Step 7: Step 7: Safety Proofing

Only do this step when you have completed the rock layers. Shovel gravel into the bottom of the pit and make sure to cover up any plant life. This will prevent any fires to start inside the pit. If any plant life or things that can burn are sticking out above the gravel remove it.

Step 8: Step 8: Weather Proofing

Next take your brush and dip it into the cement sealant and brush the rocks with it. This will protect the rocks from the weather elements. This will also prevent the cement from cracking, breaking, chipping, and falling apart.

Step 9: Step 9: Extra Details

You are now done you can place benches and chairs around it as well as  a fire housing shown the pictures Have fun! If you feel the need to add more layers just do as the steps tell you just use different sized rocks.