Introduction: Outdoor Bench With Storage

Cedar bench, and base opens to store your outdoor items like flower pots, hoses, etc.

Step 1: Materials

7, 8 foot long 1x6's
Wood glue
Screws for decking
Roll of wire mesh
3/4 inch truss head screws
48 inch continuous or piano hinge
2 inch square drive screws

Step 2: Build Legs

Rip a 1x6 with circular saw or table saw at 45• angle so you have 2 long half pieces.

Then from each half cut two 16 inch and two 32 inch lengths

For two of the 32 inch ones (back legs / back rest support), taper the front edges making sure both mirror each other exactly.

Clamp and glue legs together at mitered edges, forming 4 legs.

Step 3: Cut Boards and Install on Legs

See picture. Cut 4, 44 inch pieces. And 4 16 3/4 pieces. Use deck screws to install into legs creating " box".

Step 4: Cut a 46 Inch by 3/4 Inch Piece

Then cut it into 4 pieces that you can screw into bottom of "box" which serve as support for wire mesh.

Step 5: Add Mesh for Bottom of Bench

Attach with truss head screws

Step 6: Make Bench Seat and Attach Hinge

Take 3, 46 inch length 1x6's and join with three support pieces, and screws. See pic

Then cut and install a 46 inch, 2 1/2 wide board between the back legs and rest on top of back base boards, and attach with Trimhead screws

Cut hinge to same length, Then use hinge to attach to inside back edge of seat. Attach hinged seat to base

Step 7: Cut Back Rest Boards and Screw In

Cut either square or rounded ( your preference). And attach with Trimhead screws.

Stain bench to liking. Enjoy!