Introduction: Outdoor Game for Fitness: Bentengan

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“Bentengan” is a kind of traditional game from Indonesia. “Bentengan” delivered from the word “Benteng” which is mean the fort. There are two teams and two forts in this game. The goal from it’s game is to touch enemy’s fort and keep our fort to be untouch by enemy. We also have to avoid enemy’s touch so as not to become a prisoner. This game could makes our body more healthy because it will increase some elements of physical fitness such as agility, speed, and strength and endurance. Bentengan is very fun, cheap, entertaining, also provide physical fitness for us. Wanna know how to play it? Let’s check it up!


These are some things that we need:

  1. Some friends, divided to two teams with the same number of members.
  2. Two forts, the fort is mean something that will be our safe zone. Usually we use the pole, pillar, or tree to be our fort.
  3. Field bounds. Actually, bentengan played in the field without any bounds. But, to avoid the player running too far, we use the field bounds.


  1. The game begin with all of teams member touch their fort.
  2. The main strategy of bentengan is:
    • divide group members into "attackers", "spies", "bullies", and "defenders".
    • The attacker is in charge of finding a gap in order to touch the opponent's fort. spies in charge of looking for opponents who have not touched the fort for a long time. Bullies are in charge of attract opponents to get out of the safe area. Defenders must guard their fort from the opponent who wants to touch theirs.
  3. When we are touched by the enemy, we will become prisoner. Prisoners occupy predetermined areas. About 2m beside the enemy fort.
  4. Prisoners may be released by being touched by a team friend who is not a prisoner.
  5. We will get a point if we can touch the opponent's fort without being touched by an opponent. We can also get points by cacthing all enemies.
  6. This game ends when one team reaches a predetermined point (generally 5 or 10). Basically this game has no limit. In fact we can end this game if we are tired. However, to be more challenging, maximum point limit is needed.
  7. Winners may punish the enemy. Usually this punishment is a sling, singing, or dancing.


  1. To ascertain who is the prisoner and the cacther when there is a touch between the enemy and our party, determined by who first comes out of the fort. He will be a prisoner.
  2. We can free more than one prisoner if the prisoner holds another prisoner we touch.
  3. The prisoner will be free from the enemy as long as he has not touched the fort for the first time since his release.
  4. Players who come out of the field boundary will automatically become enemy prisoners.
  5. The chosen fort must be something with a minimum height of 2m and easy to reach (if no guard).
  6. Touch is said to be valid only when there is physical contact with the enemy's body part. It is not legitimate to just touch a shirt or pants without any contact with the body.
  7. Touchers are only allowed to use their hands. However, we may touch any body part.
  8. Should not strike, kick, or wound the enemy deliberately.
  9. The fort is a safe area. A player who touches his own fort is won’t be a prisoner.
  10. Penalties should not be too heavy and unnatural. Only optional as an additional entertainment.
  11. The field boundary is adjusted to the number of players per team. More people, wider field required.

That’s all about bentengan. This game isn’t only require physichal fitness. But also strategy to win. The funny, healthy, and entertaining game from Indonesia. Play it with joinful, happiness, and fairplay.

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