Introduction: Simple Paper Flower

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Flower is one of famous decoration in the world. It makes your environment more fresh and beautiful. People have long been captivated by exotic plants like Queen of the Night. Since the earliest days of civilization, humans have used floral decorations, composed of living or dried cut-plant materials or artificial facsimiles, to embellish their environment and persons. The flower is one of most important part of floral decorations. Now, I will explain one of kind of flower. It is the unreal flower, or in this casse I use paper to make it. Those are the simple steps to make it.


Things that you need are only :

  1. Color paper (it is up to you, I use the red one)
  2. A pen
  3. A scissor
  4. A glue
  5. Something circular about 12 cm length of diameter (I use the compact disk).


Firstly, we have to cut the paper into the circle shape. We use the Compact Disk(or another circular thing that you have) and a pen to draw the circular shape in the paper. So, we only have to cut it following the line that we had draw before.

Step 3: CUT IT

Next step, we must cut the circle to be elongated shape. We will start from the outside. Cut it circularly (look at the picture) until the center of its. The result would be like the last picture. For the best result, we must pay the attention to the width of our elongated shape paper. The width from its outside must be same with the inside ones.


After we finish to make the paper be the elongated one, we will start to roll it from the outside into the inside. This step is the most influence step. What would your flower be like is depend on this step. So, it is OK if we fail in the first chance. We must always try and try again to get the best result. Maybe we must add some glue to stick it stronger than ever. Especially on the last roll.


We can make some flowers and applying it to something that we want to decorate. On my chapter, I put the flowers into the twig tree decoration. So, it looks more live and fresh. You are able to apply it to another things for example: to your pen, be the cover decoration, or to decorate your work table. Those are the simple steps to make the beautiful paper flower.I'm sorry about my english. I hope it will help you and you’re glad to know and practice it. Don’t give up if your result isn’t good, practice would help you to be more skilled.

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