Introduction: How to Get Power While Camping.

I love hanging out by the lake on beautiful days. Sometimes I have to get work done on such beautiful days. Problem is that I rarely go out there with a fully charged battery on my laptop or phone. After just a few hours or less I have to head back to the house and get charged up. Now stuck in the house.

How great would it be to get your work done while out by the lake? Here is a great way to do it

I am NOT an electrician. Electricity can be dangerous. Be safe and learn as much as you can. I can not be responsible for any harm or damage.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

A power pack - see our Instructable here or a 12v battery

An inverter - we used a Bestek 2000 w inverter

A mobile phone with hotspot - we used an iphone 8 with Sprint.

Step 2: Prepare Inverter

The Bestek inverter needs the cables connected on to the inverter. These cables then connect to the battery pack.

Take the black knob off and connect the black cable (negative). Replace the black knob tightly. Repeat with the red knob and cable (positive).

Step 3: Connect Battery


Connect the battery to the inverter. In order to do this we take the red cable by the alligator clip and attach it to the positive (red) side of the battery. Then we attach the black cable to the negative side of the cable. There may be a small crackling sound.

Step 4: Power

Turn the power on on the inverter. Here we see the green light turning on showing we have power.

The 12v battery now has it's power as usable energy for household items such as a laptop or a lamp.

Step 5: Plug In

Plug in to the inverter. I recommend an inverter like our Bestek that has fuses especially when using a laptop. Hate for any items to fry because of the inverter. Just something that scares me. Hopefully the fusses would pop before any damage to the laptop.

Step 6: Charging!

This is a shot of me right next to the inverter getting my laptop charged up.

Step 7: Moving Away

Use an extension chord to move further away from the inverter.

I love sitting around the fire and would take the laptop with me. Now I can stay charged up and hang out in my favorite spot.

I also go on to dock with the extension chord.