Introduction: Outdoor Side Table From Two 2x4s and a Bag of Concrete

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make an Outdoor Side Table with a concrete top from just two 2x4's and a bag of concrete. I actually built two tables with my buddy Pete from DIY Pete as part of the #two2x4challenge. I even upped the ante by only using two power tools as well. With a drill, circular saw and a few other tools you can build these!

If you want to see a little more detail on the build and download plans, you can head over to my DIY Outdoor Side Table post on my site.

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Step 1:

Step 2: Build the Form for the Concrete Tops

I started by building the forms for the tops so I could pour the concrete and let it start curing. I cut four 1-1/2" strips from a piece of melamine. I left two strips long and cut the others to three 20" pieces.

I attached the strips on edge to the larger melamine sheet with 2" screws. The 1-1/2" width of the strips will be the thickness of the tops when done.

I attached the strips to form two 20" x 20" openings for the concrete. Then we vacuumed and sealed the edges and corners of the form with silicone caulk.

Step 3: Pour the Concrete in the Form

We used quickrete 5000 for this build. Pete mixed the concrete to an oatmeal consistency then we worked it into the form. Vibrating the form helps get the air bubbles out.

When the form was full I used a scrap of wood to screed the top and level it off. We put the form inside to cure and moved to the base.

Step 4: Build the Base of the Side Table

I cut all the parts for the based from only two 2x4's. I used a carpenter square to get 90 degree cuts with the circular saw which worked out well.

After cutting the 11 parts (4 legs, 2 lower sides, 2 upper sides, 2 aprons and 1 lower stretcher) I drilled pocket holes in all the parts except the legs using my pocket hole jig.

I made two u-shaped assemblies then attached them with the aprons. I put the upper sides on each piece then attached the lower stretcher to complete the base.

Step 5: Finish the Base

I applied 4 coats of spar urethane to the tables to give them a nice finish that would wear well outside.

When the finish was dry I attached rubber feet to the bases to keep them off the ground and water away from the wood.

Step 6: Finish the Concrete Tops

The next day we took the concrete out of the forms. I sanded the edges with 120 grit paper to knock down any unevenness. Then I mixed up a little of the concrete (after filtering out the large aggregate pieces) and filled in any of the small holes or voids that were left in the concrete top sides and corners.

I let the top dry for a couple days then sealed it with a concrete sealer.

Step 7: Attach the Tops

When the sealer was dry I attached the tops to the based using a few dabs of caulk on the corners. The weight of the tops will keep them in place under normal use.

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You can get detailed plans for this build here: