Introduction: Outdoor Waterproof Wallet Hack!

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Today I'm gonna show you how to have A cheap, waterproof Wallet for all of you adventures!

Step 1: Finding Your Wallet

To get this 40+ foot dive rated camera case, or in our case, new Wallet, go to an online retailer (or resale -er-) and search for 'Dive rated waterproof camera case.' As you scroll down the listings, keep an eye out for A flat 'fixed lens' camera case that doesn't have A bulge or protruding piece of plastic for the lens. You can get this, but I highly recommend that you get A flat camera case as seen above.

Step 2: Go Jump in a Lake!

Now you can jump into any sort of water and you need not worry that your dough will get wet!

As of now, I will be using this hack only for my wallet. Eventually, I will post an update for adding pockets and the like. But for now, This Wallet is better to use when swimming then my old one.

Also, another thing to note is that in the case of an emergency, the E.M.S. can clearly see through the clear plastic any legal documents you may need to show but are unable to if you are severely injured or unconscious, seen above. (Ok, ok. Maybe the Instructables robot isn't an important legal document, but it looks cool!) Thanks for reading and check back for more updates! Enjoy the hacks!

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