Introduction: Outdoor Wooden Slat Bench Seat

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In this instructable you'll see: How I made an outdoor bench seat, out of some wooden beams and some slats.

Step 1:

After I took the right measurements and figured the number of pieces I need, I started cutting them.

Step 2:

I used some scrap pieces of wood, which I had left over, from an old construction and then I cut the edges on every side of those beams.

Step 3:

After that, I filled every hole with glue and some dowels.

Step 4:

And then I sanded them very well on every side.

Step 5:

Now, it’s time to assemble all these pieces!

Step 6:

Firstly, I nailed and screwed these two pieces together.

Step 7:

Then, I took the longer pieces, marked the center, drilled the holes, placed the screws and put them together.

Step 8:

After some sanding, I rounded all the edges on every piece.

Step 9:

And then, sanded them again for a smoother feeling.

Step 10:

After, I finished with the bottom pieces, I started to cut all the slats I needed for the top surface.

Step 11:

I rounded also these pieces, but this time only their two edges.

Step 12:

And then I sanded every piece very well on every side.

Step 13:

Now, it’s time to paint all these pieces!

Step 14:

I used water based impregnation varnish of walnut color and there we go!

Step 15:

Let’s assemble these pieces together and see how it looks!

Step 16:

After I measured the spaces I had to leave, I placed down the two edge pieces and then all the others going in between.

Step 17:

I used a spacer for every gap between the beams to be the same.

Step 18:

I installed some felt pads at the bottom side, to avoid any damage on the wood.

Step 19:

Also, I placed screws at the edges and in the middle to be even steadier. Black screws actually for a more beautiful appearance.

Step 20:

...and the bench is finally ready!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!