Introduction: Oven Fritata, Crustless Quiche, Savory Egg Pie

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A traditional fritata takes a little less time and is done in a oven safe skillet started on the stove and oven finished.

This variation uses a casserole dish.

The word fritata is based on/translates to 'fried', so getting the butter layer correct is important to the flavor at the end.

You can use many other veg in place of the peas. Spinach is a common substitution.

This recipe is vegetarian and gluten free, but I would be hard pressed to classify it as healthy ;)

Step 1: Ingredients

9x12 casserole pan or there abouts

9-12 eggs

(optional)1/4c milk or heavy cream if you're in a Paula Dean mood.

12-18oz frozen peas

2 bunch green onions chopped ~1cup

1/2 cup minced onion

3 cloves finely minced/crushed garlic or garlic powder

8-12oz goat feta

8-12oz sheep chevre or other mild creamy cheese.

Butter for pan

Salt (be very careful some feta cheeses are pretty salty its possible you may not need to add any at all)


Step 2: Prep

Thaw your peas on the counter for several hours. If they are actually frozen when you make this increase cooking time 15-25 min and decrease temp 15-25F

Grease the pan very thoroughly, on warm days set the pan in the fridge to chill. This will protect the fat layer which generates that lovely crisp and helps prevent sticking.

If your feta is in brine drain it

Over medium heat sweat onions till the first edge is translucent, about 10 min

Add the green onion and garlic. and sweat. About 5 minutes.

You are not trying to cook the onion mixture so much as soften it a little and get the flavor into the butter.

Preheat oven to 350f (175C)

Step 3: Mix, Bake, Rest and Serve

Pour peas and onion mixture in a large bowl

In a separate bowl break and mix 12 eggs. if you want more volume or a fluffier product add the optional milk.

Add pepper, and if your feta is not salty some salt to the eggs.

Crumble the feta

Mix with the pea mixture

Then crumble into the pan

Pour egg mix on top

Mix in the pan thoroughly but don't scrape the bottom this will make it stick.

Shake/or jiggle to get the air bubbles out and settle the mixture to a flat layer.

Bake in the oven at 350 for 35-40 minutes till top is golden brown

Like a cake you can test with a knife. The feta will leave a bit of a smear so the knife shown is "clean" for this feta