Oven Pointer

Introduction: Oven Pointer

A person who utilizes a wheelchair can find it difficult to use their oven as most common ovens have their control buttons on the top portion of the oven. This makes it difficult to reach if a person cannot stand or does not have someone to help them reach such buttons. This Oven Pointer is a tool to help people be able to press these buttons with out worrying whether they can reach them or not. This also promotes interdependence as it is something that one can use by themselves. This tool can created by using at home supplies and/or spending less than $10 at a store.


  • three 1 inch, 3 feet sticks.
  • approximately 5 rubber bands.
  • one old rag.
  • eight pieces of large tape.
  • one scissors.

Step 1: Materials

  • three 1 inch 3 feet sticks.
  • approximately 5 rubber bands.
  • one old rag.
  • eight pieces of large tape.
  • one scissors.

Step 2: Attaching First Two Sticks

First, you grab two sticks and place them one on top of the other. Next, you grab your first piece of tape and cover the middle point between both sticks. If you think it may be too loosely then go ahead and add a second piece of tape. I added two pieces, but if that is not enough you can continue until you feel the sticks are connected well enough.

Step 3: Attaching the Third Stick

Now you want to attach your third stick on the top of your large stick in a horizontal form. You add one piece of tape across your first stick, one end to the other. Then add a second piece of tape across the second stick from one end to the other like so on the pictures.

Step 4: Adding the Rag

Now that your three sticks are attach to one another. You want to add the rag on areas in where you may be placing your hands for better grip. If your rag is big enough go ahead and cut it into half. Next use one half for the bottom part of your now flipped L stick. Use your rubber bands to tighten the rag onto the stick. I used about 5 rubber bands to keep it nice and sturdy. Finally, use the second half of the rag to place it on the middle of your flipped L stick because that may be another area where you may be touching constantly with your hands. On this area you want to use two pieces of tape, one on each end of the rag as seen in the pictures.

Step 5: Last Step

Now that you have created your Oven Pointer (flipped L stick), it's time to put it into good use and start baking!

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