Introduction: Over Head Gift Wrap Storage

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Until recently I was pulling my hair out not knowing what to do with all my rolls of gift wrap. I tried putting them under the bed, only to step on the paper as they roll from under the bed. I tried placing them in the corner of the room however they continued to fall, rip and get destroyed. Then I saw a solution, above my door. Plenty of space and it was vacant. This project took less than an hour and the best thing is my gift wrap is now secure.
Hope this project helps you too!


Rolls of gift wrap

Step 1: Your Tools

A Step Ladder
A Two Arm Bracket (this is a bike bracket I bought at a local Hardware store).
A Screwdriver that will fit the screws that are provided - You can also use a drill if you prefer.

Step 2: Secure the Loose Gift Wrap

Using the elastics, place one on either end of the gift wrap.

Step 3: Securing the Bracet.

Using the screws provided, screw into the wall (We found a stud) .
If you can not find a stud, you may want to use an anchor to ensure that your bracket is sturdy.

Step 4: Let’s Get Organized

Start placing the gift wrap - long ones first, into the bracket until full.

Step 5: Your Task Is Complete

No more loose gift wrap falling in the corner of the room, ripping getting destroyed. It is all up and away until you need it.
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