Introduction: Owl Valentine's Day Bag

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My Co-Teacher and I made these for our Valentine's Day Party with our class. we got the idea from,

We made a few changes and we also let our 4-5 year olds have at it.

Step 1: Supplies

  1. Brown paper bag
  2. Cricut machine(unless you cut your own out.)
  3. Everyday paper dolls cartridge
  4. Cricut classic font
  5. Googly eyes
  6. Glue
  7. Marker
  8. Different colored paper (we picked through our Christmas scrapbook paper for the least "Christmas-y" We also used brown paper, white, blue, pink and purple.

Step 2: Preparing Your Supplies

  1. The kids and I gathered the paper and began to cut the shapes.(they helped push the buttons)
    1. From the Everyday fonts we used the circle shape (size 1.5) the sunburst shape (size 2.5) and the hearts size (1.5 I believe)
    2. From the Everyday Paper dolls we used the bow from the spring girl page. (the size was up as large as my machine would go because they are paper dolls it keeps everything in ratio. When it was cut it was about 1 inch long.)

2. We also gathered the Googly eyes, glue, markers and scissors.

3. Roll the top of your brown bag down. (I find its easier to do this before you open the bag.) Rolling the bag is optional but because we wanted them to stand open and be easier for the children to pass out their Valentines rolling them was the best option for us.

Step 3: Create Your Bag

  1. The children started by picking a piece for the belly. Then they wrote their names on it and glued it on.
  2. pick two "sun burst" pieces and glue on. then add two circles and finally your googly eyes.
  3. after your bag gets a total of 3 hearts. one for the beak and two for the feet.
  4. We also cut wings and allowed the children to put where they wanted. (most chose the front but some chose the back.
  5. And top it off with a bow. You will see our bows are in many different places. Some children wanted bow ties and others wanted hair bows. (We were dressed fancy this day so I think that's where the bow ties came from.)
  6. And Finally Allow them to dry.

I hope we did Dee Slater Proud! We are very proud of them and look forward to filling them up!