Introduction: Oxi Module

Hello today you will learn how to make a oxi module . look the picture above.

I very hope you enjoy it:):):):) and d' ont froget : please press the heart and follow me! This origami is from Michal Kosmulski's homepage. Or at

Step 1: Start With a Square Piece of Paper. Valley Fold the Sheet in Half, Then Make Two Mountain Folds to Divide It Into Fourths

Step 2: Fold Along the Creases Created in Step 1.

Step 3: Valley Fold

Step 4: Mountain Fold.

Step 5: Valley Fold the Loose End (45 Degrees).

Step 6: Unfold Along the Crease Created in Step 5.

Step 7: Valley Fold.

Step 8: Finished Module (rotated).Make 24 of the Oxi Module or 168 Oxi Module.

Step 9: Assembling Module:Prepare Two Modules and Put Them Next to Each Other As Shown in the Picture. Usually, Each Edge Is Made of Two Modules of Same Color But Here Modules of Different Color Are Used in Order to Make the Pictures Clearer.

Step 10: Put the Triangular Flap of One Module Inside the Other Module's "pocket".

Step 11: Repeat Step 12 on the Other Side. a Single Edge of the Model Is Now Complete.

Step 12: In Each Vertex, Three Edges Meet. From This Picture On, Each Edge Consisting of Two Modules Is a Single Color.

Step 13: First, Join Two Modules by Putting One Module's "flap" Into the Other One's "pocket".

Step 14: In Order to Complete the Vertex (i.e. Close It by Attaching the First Module Back to the Third), You Will Have to Partially Unfold the Modules Forming the Third Edge (orange in the Picture).

Step 15: Join the Two Modules of the Orange Edge Back Together. One Vertex of the Polyhedron Is Now Complete.

Step 16: FINISH.Enjoy Your Art!You Will Make This With 24 Piece ....

Step 17: Or This! With 168 Piece.

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