PAPER SELINCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduction: PAPER SELINCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This instructable will teach you how to silence a nerf micro blaster with just a peice of paper. This is debateable if it is silenced, but please try it! Please make sure if your blaster has it's air restrictor removed. If not then it is easy. :) To remove it you will only need a screwdriver. Instead of taking apart the whole blaster just simply take the screwdriver, stick it down the barrel and drill the stem thingy out. This will enable the use of this silencer and increase the range up about 20-40ft. further. I didn't test this with other blasters so I'm not responsible for any complaints of broken or failed experiments. Sorry, the camra ran out of batteries so I couldn't take any pictures on the air restrictor revomval part.

Step 1: The Materials

  The materials are easy to find! These are the following items you will need:

A nerf pistol

A peice of paper

A roll of tape

  Simple household items (except the nerf pistol).

Step 2: The Rolling

  This you might need handy hands!!! Take the peice and tear out a 2-in. (just as tall as the a nerf dart) and 3-5in. long. Wrap a dart not tight, but just wrap it gently. Hold it like that and tape it. Take the paper off of the dart and push it into the blaster. Put the smaller end into the barrel first. (sorry the camra ran out of batteries) 

Step 3: Loading............

  Load and fire the blaster. Here is the quality level.

Sloppy-it might not even fit into the barrel and not work at all.

Goodly-it may work depending on how goodly its done.'

Perfect-it will work like a charm! When I made it perfect it sounds like a whoop! other than a pop!

Good Luck! :D

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    4 Discussions

    lil larry
    lil larry

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, the first one I made worked, but my dog chewed it up. The second one did, but made the dart go shorter range. You can try it. It may work for you...

    lil larry
    lil larry

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    If you do it "perfect"...That means that the paper HAS to be airtight or it won't work.