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Hai friends :), Here i am done a simple use full table top phone stand. I use the ROUNDED waste part of adhesive tape, it is hard and easy to cut so we can make it well. Come let's Make it Now......

  • We can use it to hold smart Phone, Tablet at any size.

Step 1: What You Need?

You have to need only a some adhesive tape it's body and few things for it

  • The Rounded remaining part of adhesive tape

(Figure 1 ).Use as a body

  • Black tape

(Figure 2).This is used to finishing work.

  • Masking tape

(Figure 3).Masking tape is used to mask whole part.

  • Scissor and

(Figure 4)

  • A Cutting Knife

(Figure 5)

  • Pencil or CD Marker

Step 2: Cutting the Work-piece

Here i have done landscape and portrait holding poster of phone. It can hold 2.9 inch to 8 inch devices becoming to hold 8 inch tablet we need to add a wight to the base of stand like rounded wood piece or metal piece etc.

  1. Draw the Shape :- I draw sloppy cut to hold the phone, Like picture 2.
  2. Dimensions :- All dimensions are marked in picture 3. The angle of landing position is 110 DEGREE in my case you can change as you want how comfortable to face it.
  3. Cut throw the lines :- Using a knife cut the unwanted parts and make the shape like picture 3.
  4. Make a space to charging cable:- Like the final pic make a slot to pass the charging cable.
  5. Finishing the edges:- Smooth the edges as well as.

Step 3: Masking the Body

Using the masking tape mask the whole body

  • First edge side of piece
  • Second the inner side
  • Then outer side of piece

Step 4: Final Make Up: Outer and Inner Covering

  • Outer Covering using the Black adhesive tape

Cover outer surface with one black tape like pic 1,and finish like pic 3

  • Inner covering using Paper adhesive tape

I am using white paper tape for good looking,finish the work like pic 7;

Here i used the adhesive tapes that for it easily available and can provide good look,you can use any other materials :)

Step 5: Inner Support Leg

This is for support the portrait poster of phone

  • Take small rounded part and cut it in centre take the two piece
  • Mark the position on body (pic 7)
  • Stick it with a glue (pic 8)

We finished the work it ready to use, Thank you.

Step 6: Final Look :)

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