Introduction: 5000 NewsPaper Bags to Nature

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As the part of plastic ban in our state of kerala,india we are planning to support the initiative, then me and my enthusiastic friends from National Service Scheme (Central Sector Scheme of Government of India To integrate the nation through social service) we coming with the idea of Making 5000 Paper bags with our on hand, "It's a Big Deal" to as.

Step 1: Social Goal

Crazy about making? Yes ,this bunch of people are believe in big social impacts. In this instructables I documented the step by step instructions to make a Newspaper bag,by this people we are making around 5000 bags and we hard working to achieve the count. After we finish we donate it in to the society to promote plastic ban.

Love to teach! yes.....we teach How to make paper bag to our Mothers in a Old age home near to our college, that we see the smile from their faces.

Let's start making....

Step 2: Things Needed

  • Newspapers ( 3 newspapers per bag)
  • steel ruler
  • Hammer
  • Glue(flour and hot water glue)
  • Chart Papers
  • Small rope
  • Brush
  • Knife

Step 3: Top Folding

First collect some newspapers from your own home, neighborhood and friends,use this kind of resources and ready to make,

  1. Take 3 newspapers and arrange them like perfect rectangle.We use indian standard size(55*70 cm) newspapers available locally so the size of bag is always same, can use any size newspapers.
  2. Fold half top portion of the newspaper like fig 2 and 3
  3. Then open the folded portion and again fold to the line created by the first folding.
  4. Again fold towards inside like fig 6.

Step 4: Side Folding

  1. Next fold two sides around 5cm width or a column width of newspaper.
  2. After this take left side and open outer newspaper then take right side potion and insert it into the left side.
  3. Glue the inserted portion.

Step 5: Bottom Folding

Moving to bottom potion of paper bag, here we can decide the height of bag. consider need minimum volume, so follow this steps...

  1. Fold the bottom potion with half length and little more, abovt 14cm total folding length.
  2. Open the folded potion and fold like a triangle take a look to "folding 3 and folding 4" figure.
  3. Then fold like fig 5 and fig 6.
  4. Fig 7 is important after folding make sure that two point are same in the line, that make paper Bag looks good.

Step 6: Glue the Bottom Potion

First above figure is chart paper,used for strong base(Big rectangle piece) and hand portion(2 small rectangle piece).
  1. Here we are going to glue the bottom potion with big piece of chart paper in side the first triangle folding like folding 8.
  2. Like folding 9.
  3. Next fold two sides like second last figure.

Step 7: Glue the Top Potion

  • With the 2 small piece of chart paper, glue the inside of hand portion for reliable use .

Step 8: Final Folding

  • Took the side portion and push center and fold like the figure.
  • It's look good... is it :)

Step 9: Hand Tread Fixing

  1. Make 2 holes in one side and 2 in another side.
  2. Take 2 piece of rope then tight the rope throw the hole.

This bag is enough for carrying 1 to 1.5 kg and reusable, all the things used here is natural items even glue that used here.

Happy Making....We finished...

Step 10: Flour and Hot Water Glue Making

  1. Mix one part flour with one part of hot water and mix well(eg. 1/2 cup flour and 1 cup hot water, mix well then add 1/2 cup flour)
  2. until you get a thick glue-like consistency. Add a bit more water if it's too thick.
  3. Then add bit copper sulfate to protect the paperbag from termite.

It very cheap and plastic free...

Step 11:

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