Introduction: PC Conversion - New Front

Step 1: Take Appart / New Parts

Here is the old pc in its first modified version.
After taking everything out it was ready to have the new parts installed.

Step 2: New Fan

This is the new big fan with the new protection grid.
For that i had to cut out the old front perforated metal plate.

Step 3: New Front

This is the new built front cover out of white bendable plastic.
The holes are for the light and fan switches as well as the turn on/off button on top.

Step 4: Final Version

This is how it finaly looks like.
It was painted black with a spray can.
With the switches you can turn on and off the 2 of the 3 fans inside as well as the neon bars.
The red button is for changing the flashing mode of one of the neon bars.
The green button is the main turn on and off button.