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Introduction: RCX the Mp3 RC Racer

!!! RCX !!!

This is the a remote controled car with build in speakers and light.

I bought a standart RC Car from ebay and completely redesigned it by myself. I changed the body, the colors, the rims etc. The interieur is completely new as there were no interiuer. I tried two different types of specker systems as you can see on the pictures. In the final version the speaker is inside were you can't really see it. But it is bigger and louder. You can plug in a small mp3 player on control the volume.

Furthermore the hood opens with a pneumatic system I took from an old Lego technic vehicle. The air tank is in the trunk. To build up the air pressure, there is a button in the inside of the car. There is also the switch to open and close the hood. The engine is built by myself.

For the trunk to open and close I took an old antenna, as you can see on the pictures.
The two 9V batteries in the trunk are for the speaker system and the LEDs. The LED switches are inside next to the driver seat. Underneath the white buttons in the trunk you can see the circut board of the speaker system.

The body is remodeled mostly with plasic and filling material.

I repainted the complete body with a spray can and I created a planet theme on the hood. The rims, mirrors, and the selfmade spoiler have the same look.

The remote control system is still working so you can drive around with the car playing music from your Mp3!

There are many more small features, so check out the pictures;)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    nice one!

    i had seen a car in the store once that was capable of playing music, but not while driving, if i had a car with more of a chassis i would definitely have my music playing in it.

    very nice.