Introduction: PC Hardware Monitor With Arduino and Nokia 5110 LCD

Arduino based PC monitor which displays CPU temperature, load, clock and used RAM

CPU load or clock values can be also drawn as a graph.


  • Arduino Nano or Arduino Pro Mini with USB to serial adapter
  • Nokia 5110 84x48 LCD

Step 1: Connections

Full list of connections from LCD side:

  1. RST to Pin 9
  2. CS/CE to Pin 10
  3. DC to Pin 8
  4. MOSI/DIN to Pin 11 / SPI
  5. SCK/CLK to Pin 13 / SPI
  6. VCC to 3.3V
  7. LIGHT to GND via 200ohm resistor
  8. GND

Step 2: Arduino Firmware

Step 3: PC Software

  1. Download and install HardwareSerialMonitor

  2. Start it with administrator rights
  3. Choose correct serial port