PC Hardware Monitor With Arduino and ST7920 LCD

Introduction: PC Hardware Monitor With Arduino and ST7920 LCD

There are 2 versions of the project:

  • 4 numeric fieds and 1 graph for CPU load or clock
  • 4 independent graphs for CPU temperature, load, clock and used RAM


  • Arduino Nano or Arduino Pro Mini with USB to serial adapter
  • ST7920 128x64 LCD



Arduino + ST7920

Step 1: Connections

There are only 6 wires necessary to connect Arduino and ST7920 LCD in SPI mode.

Full list of connections from LCD side:

  • #01 GND to GND
  • #02 VCC to VCC (5V)
  • #04 RS to D10/CS or any pin
  • #05 R/W to D11/MOSI
  • #06 E to D13/SCK
  • #15 PSB to GND (for SPI mode)
  • #19 BLA to VCC, D9 or any pin via 300ohm resistor
  • #20 BLK to GND

To avoid extra GND lines solder 2 wires directly on LCD PCB: GND to PSB to BLK

Step 2: Arduino Firmware

Step 3: PC Software

  1. Download and install HardwareSerialMonitor


  2. Start it with administrator rights
  3. Choose correct serial port

Step 4: Demo Video:

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    Question 5 months ago

    Hi, I was wondering if the hardware monitor with ST7920 is compatible with the arduino uno, as ive constructed it using the uno instead of pro-mini and LCD is shows garbled text and random pixels... is this due to a 328p-pu difference compared to the surface mount atmega used in the mini or should i be looking at something else ?


    1 year ago

    ссылка на программу не рабочая


    1 year ago on Introduction

    Hi, i would like to use Hardware serial monitor with arduino uno and a LCD 1602, just to show me the stats ( i don't need the graphics bars) you have any help instructions?