Introduction: PC PSU Fan Into a Small Desk Fan

Well i got really bored and noticed a computer in my closet and decided I want to take it apart and reuse the pieces and recycle what i don't use.

Step 1: Step 1: Let's Just Jump Right In.

For this step you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver. Wire Cutters. And tape.
  1. Open the PSU and locate the PSU fan and its wires. After that you will need to cut the wires out and strip them of their coating. (you can choose the length)
  2. After all of that is finished you need a power supply. An old cord to a phone or tablet shall work. Strip these too. Now just be careful not to get electrocuted. But i had plugged my cord in and then toched the striped ends to the stripped ends of the fan.
  4. You must make sure it's unplugged. Take the stripped ends(of both the power source and the fan) and connect them.(I wrapped mine together) Tape up the connections and plug it back in.

Now that you decided to follow these steps i hope your fan works fine and you can be just a little cooler when you sit at your computer.