Introduction: PCB Design of LED's Blinking Using 555 IC

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In this instructable i just gave blinking led's circuit and pcb layout

if you have any doubt on any steps just go through my previous instructable

PCB Design With Simple and Easy Steps

or else go through the video attached to it.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Draw the circuit diagram

Step 2: Verifying the Output

In this step just run and verify the output like led's will blink...

Step 3: Try This

you can also replace the IC with DIP socket ....

Step 4: Adding Signature

This is new one ....

you can also add your signature on the PCB board

Step 5: After Autorouted

Here you can see the auto routed circuit image ....

Step 6: Creating Power Plan

in this step we are going to create power plan for ground

just click on create power plan then on window will pop up in that you can select where to the power plan should be placed

you may select either copper top or copper bottom then click ok

Step 7: 3D View

Here is that the clear 3D view

just enjoy .....

Thank you see u all soon

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