Introduction: PCB Designing Using Circuit Maker(Altium)

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CircuitMaker is electronic design automation software for printed circuit board design targeted at the hobby, hacker, andmaker community.CircuitMaker is available as freeware, and the hardware designed with it may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without limitations.

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Step 1: Schematic

Click File->New Project

Enter Project Name as you wish and select Public or Sandbox

Click Open Design and then click Project->New Schematic

Select component and select Octopart from Drop down menu in Libraries

Enter and place Battery Coin Cell,push button,Resistor(1K),LED –The component type and package is your choice(View 3d preview of the part is displayed or not,I had problem due to which the final board had problem in 3d format of Cell Holder and Switch)

Click Wire and connect all the component and rename it and enter the value

Click Project->Compile to check if there is any error

Step 2: PCB Footprint

Click Project->Add New PCB

In Footprint,click Project->Import Changes from filename.Prjpcb

Click Ctrl+A to select all components drag It into the board and place as per requirement(prevent overlap and keep components close to each other)

Click Route under Home Tab and track the component or click Autoroute under Tool Tab

Step 3: Copper Fill

Before Filling Copper,Adjust the board size to your requirement by clicking Board Shape in Board Section under Home Tab

To Copper Fill,Click Polygon Pour under Pour Section in Home Tab and select first option and fill by Clicking each edges and finally press Esc.

Do the above step for bottom layer by clicking bottom layer tab in bottom(since ttack between bt holder and switch is in bottom layer).

Click View Tab and click Switch to 3D in View Section to view the Board in 3D

Save and click Gerber under Output Tab to generate Gerber Files