Introduction: DIY PCB Drill Press Machine

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Hi there! As I said in my previous post, I have been working on a new Instructable, so here it is. If you were to build a drill press machine for your Electronics Lab and prefer to have it for PCB drilling applications. So, in this post, we'll see how to build such a DIY PCB Drill Press Machine. Let's get started!


Get The Materials!

  • Plywood
  • Motor
  • Drill Chuck & drilling bits
  • DVD or CD drive railings
  • Motor speed controller module
  • Switch
  • C-Clamp
  • Screws
  • Paints and their accessories

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Step 1: The Backstory & Plan

Here are some tips which will help you to build a drill press machine cost-efficiently at home.

Step 2: Instructions!


  • Base plywood is 8.5'' x 6'' [Thickness - 3/4″] x 1
  • 7.5'' x 4.7'' [Thickness - 3/4″] x 1
  • 4.1'' x 3'' [Thickness - 1/4"] x 3
  • A small plywood piece

2. Motor and Speed controller module

I bought a 12v motor with drill accessories. I used different motors for my machine to know what is best for it. If you want to design a controller on your own then check out the instructable on Designing a Speed Controller for DC Motor or you can get a module from an online store.

3. DVD / CD railings

Scrap things can be of great use. You can get an old DVD or CD drive from there, unscrew it and you will find the railings inside the casing.

4. Other materials

You need a Spray paint can, materials like clamp, nuts & bolts can be bought from a local hardware store or you can make a clamp on your own.

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Step 3: Making Process

If you got the same parts as me then you can follow the same dimension of plywood for the design of the machine.

Construct the frame with the help of design according to the pictures. Drill the necessary holes for joining the different plywood pieces, fix them with the screws.

Remove the laser and other unnecessary parts. Drill the holes for mounting the railing then fix it with screws and if you are making a closure like stuff for controller system like how I made, then drill a hole for plywood block to pass wires to connect the motor you can refer to the images to get a crystal clear idea.

Cut a wooden block, then attach that to the railing mechanism. Then fix the motor with the clamp to it, and make sure the drill bit and the base is perpendicular check this a try square.

Paint the machine frame for giving a greater look to our DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE.

Step 4: Installing the Electronics

Install the motor controller module, solder the wires, motor & switches, etc. and some wires for powering the circuit.

Step 5: Powering the Machine!

Finally, test it by Powering THE DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE with a 12v DC power supply,

Before that check for short circuits and wiring and polarity for VCC & ground.

Step 6: Success

You created your own DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE which is handy

That's great!!

If you have any doubts feel free to drop a comment😀

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