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hi in this instructables i am going to show you how i made my printed circuit boards at home.i dont like hot iron press method thats why i am using cold transfer method with little bit twist.

apart from that i am also going to show you how you can use needle as a drill bit and pcb etching using muriatic acid.

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Step 1:

you need:-

{1} copper clad

{2} pain relief spray

{3} laser printer

{4} needle

{5} drill/pcb hand drill

{6} muriatic acid

{7} hydrogen peroxide

circuit parts:-

{1} transistor (bc547) 4

{2} relay (6 volt) 4

{3} resistor (1k) 4

{4} diode (in4007) 4

{5} led (optional) 4

{6} female and male header

Step 2:

first of all we need to design the pcb, for that you can use any pcb cad software.there are some online pcb design ide are available like eagle,easy eda but if you want a dedicated pcb cad

software like i do you can use kicad,librepcb or fritzing.all these three software are free and open-source and available for windows,mac and linux.i like fritzing because it is easy to understand even a beginner can work with i am designing a relay based motor driver on a single layer board.

Step 3:

after designing board on a pcb cad i print it out (mirror image) on a paper using a laser i am using regular a4 size paper but glossy old magazine paper is best.after that i measured and cut a copper clad according to the size of circuit template.

Step 4:

before toner transfer we need to clean the surface of copper take the printed paper and spray some pain relief spray. it contains alcohol and some natural oil (i cant tell you the composition because of the proprietorship issue but you can always check it on the spray can ) this spray reacts with the toner and makes it sticky for a short amount of the time.jut put it on copper clad immediately after spray.let it dry for at least 5 minutes.then remove the paper.and you will get a nicely printed board if it is bit wet then let it dry for another 5 minutes or if you feel that some parts are not printed then draw it with permanent marker.


compositions are

diclofenac diethylamine, linseed oil, methylsalicylate, menthol

Step 5:

for pcb etching i am using one part muriatic acid two and half part of hydrogen paraoxide.muriatic acid is nothing but the diluted hcl with lots of hydrogen peroxide is acting as a i will put the clad on this solution,i am stirring the solution to make etching process faster.after etching put the pcb in water and wash it.

Step 6:

now its time to remove all toner from the pcb for that you can use thinner,acetone,nail polish remover or simply scrub it its time to drill the is quite possible that you wont get the right size drill bit, so i am using a needle to make holes.

Step 7:

after drilling holes assemble all parts and solder it....and your printed circuit board is ready to use.....