Introduction: PCB RGB Glasses!

What's cooler than rgb and glasses? RGB glasses!

I decided to try to build a futuristic and cool looking wearable and I came up with these glasses.I made this project for the New Year.

The project is quite easy to build but it needs smd soldering. Easy task for an oven like this

I decided to use ESP32 and SK6812 for some very good reasons: ESP32 allows the glasses to be connected to internet and bluetooth and SK6812 in 3535 format are super small so I was able to fit 108 leds on them!

Connect this glasses to your phone and display all the messages you want with a scrolling text. Connect this glasses to internet and show weather animations and much more.

They are an incredible way to break the ice!

Step 1: Tools

  • solder paste
  • reflow oven
  • serial adapter (to program the esp32) link
  • soldering iron

Step 2: Parts

  • PCB (attached)
  • 1x ESP32 link
  • 110x SK6812 3535 link
  • 3x pushbutton (optional) link
  • 3x 10k smd resistor (only if you choose to have buttons) link
  • 3d printed parts (attached)
  • m3 bolts and nuts
  • small wires

Step 3: Assembly

The most important part of this instructables is soldering. It may seems difficult but actually it's pretty easy.

You just need to be careful and apply very little soldering paste. Then place all the components, place the boards in oven and just wait a few minutes. And your parts are ready!

Print the parts you can download in previous step and just snap fit them in place.

Solder the little 3 contacts from the legs to the front panel.

Screw everything together and you are ready to go!

Step 4: Programming

Your glasses are ready!

Just hook them up with your serial to usb adapter, open Arduino IDE and go crazy with animations!

Remember you can use wifi and bluetooth!

Step 5: Notes

In the future I'll post Eagle files and some code example... just wait a little bit!

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