Introduction: PET Bottle Storing Wall

Save the world; reuse your PET bottles

Step 1: PET Bottle Storage Wall

PET bottle storage wall

How to re-use the incredable amout of plastic bottles so they have a functional usage?

The answer is simple.

Collect them in a rack and you can store thousands of small things without loosing the overview.

You can make a complete storage wall but also a small rack to put on your desk.

Step 2: Collect PET Bottles

What do you need?

First you collect an amount of PET bootles and clean them.

You need the ones with the big opening so you can put your stuf easy in and get it easy out.

Step 3: The Wall Itself

I used 2 gravel grates

They are cheap and are used to put on the ground before the gravel is put in so it stays there.

The advantage of this is they are easy to connect to each other to upgrade the wall to a bigger one

But you can also use 2 wooden ore plastic plates where you cut out the circels where you put in the bottles.

Step 4: The Way to Do It

Cut out the honeyboard profile in a way that in the rear plate the BottleCaps will fit and cut out in the front plate in a way the botom of the bottle fits.

connect the front and the rear plate with some connecting blocks in a way the bottles are easy to pick out by hand.

Step 5: Result

Now you are finished and you can put all your electronic

components, bolts, nuts ,buttons, batteries and other stuf in your private store.

You can always see what is inside through the bottom of the bottles.

So this is the way to give the bottles second life and make a better World.

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