PIC12F675 Development Board Micro Size 3.0 Cm X2.5 Cm

Introduction: PIC12F675 Development Board Micro Size 3.0 Cm X2.5 Cm

PIC12F675 features

28 bytes of EEPROM data memory,
Programmable pull-up resistors,
 4 oscillator selections including 4 MHz RC oscillator with programmable calibration and Power-On Reset.

Program Memory Type Flash   Program Memory (KB) 1.75
CPU Speed (MIPS) 5
RAM Bytes 64
Data EEPROM (bytes) 128
Timers 1 x 8-bit, 1 x 16-bit
ADC 4 ch, 10-bit
Comparators 1
Temperature Range (C) -40 to 125
Operating Voltage Range (V) 2 to 5.5
Pin Count 8
Cap Touch Channels 4



Step 1: Circuit Diagram

1 ,  7805
2,  1uf capacitor
3,  pic12f675
3,  berg strip male connector
4, vero board
5, DC jack
6, 8 pin DIL ic socket
7, single strand wires

Step 2: GPIO Pin Saving Configuration

hitech c compiler  Config setting


FOSC_INTRCIO   : internal oscillator configuration  it save OSC1 and OSC 2  GPIO pin  [GP5 and GP4]  = 2GPIO
MCLRE_OFF         : RESET internally connected to VDD                                                           [GP3] =1GPIO

Step 3: Demo Application

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