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I'm sure that most of you love eating the pickled cucumbers inside the burgers, right? I know, it's very yummy... and you wish they have put more then 3 slices! Have you thought that you could pickle any veggies that you love at home? Well, today, I'll give you the recipe of homemade pickled vegetables!


1. For the beginning you need to decide which veggies do you want to pickle: the best ones for home-pickling are:

Tomatoes (the green ones NOT red /not ripened ones), cucumbers (choose the ones with thick skin and very small-small seeds), carrot and white cabbage (you may use some beets even to give a nice pink color to the pickled veggies, like the cabbage), etc.

2. Each jar will also need about 5-6 small pieces of cleaned from skin and washed garlic (DO CUT the rough bottom)

3. Also wash and cut some celery stems, some dill, dried bay leaves, about 8-10 small black pepper seeds and 3-5 large whole allspice seeds.

4. Next step will be washing and cutting veggies into pieces (Please watch the video to see the details). Then arrange them one by one into a large glass jar.

5. Then add the salted water (EXACTLY ONE TABLESPOONFUL of ROCK SALT mixed with ONE (1) LITER of BOILED and COOLED DOWN drinking WATER! If you put less, the veggies will start getting soft and will get spoiled. And if you put more, then your veggies will be very salty). (Watch the video for the detailed explanation, please!)

6. You need to keep the covered jars in a preferably dark and warm place: neither cold, nor very hot. Don't forget to place some container under the jar, so it can collect the extra water that may come down the jar till the veggies get totally pickled. The gas needs to come out from the veggies during the process of pickling, so DO NOT CLOSE THE TOP OF THE JARS JUST COVER WITH A TOP!!!

7. Check within 10-14 days to see if the pickles taste the way you like! If you feel the veggies have stayed crispy but are salty and their fresh colors have faded, means your pickles are ready, yayyy!


To save your pickled vegetables for up to 6 months in your fridge, you may need to consider preserving them in the same glass jars. You will need to take out the top part of the contents of the jar and throw away the herbs that have become kind of not good: let's say they may look rotten LOl! (They may be soft or have some bubbles on them, etc.)

Then close the jars with some airtight covers / tops and place them into a refrigerator. You may enjoy your healthy pickled veggies without going to a store and buying something that has an unknown content (such as artificial preservatives, coloring and even guar gum and corn syrup!

Now you may nicely surprise your guests with a nice arrangement from the pickled veggies made by yourself :)

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