Introduction: PLANE$




This game is called “PLANE$”. The purpose of the game is to help people “break the ice” to provide a “social lubricant” between the players at a bar. It is a creative and interactive way to lighten the mood. PLANE$ requires the players to fold paper planes and throw them into a pitcher. Whoever makes the shot last will have to buy the next round of beer. It is fairly easy to understand and extremely entertaining.

List of materials

· Pitcher (2), one empty and one full of your favorite beer

· Beer

· Cups

· Dollar bills


· Bar/Pub/Tavern

· With the bartender’s permission


· Hands

· A platform to fold the plane (table top)

Suitable group

· People above age 21

· People without serious health conditions (transmitted disease, heart disease etc.)

Safety Precautions

· Use a different pitcher (used exclusively for the goal) to prevent the planes from being soaked with beer

· Caution: avoid throwing objects in players’ eyes

Steps of the game

1. Get a pitcher of beer and several cups (depending on the number of people) and place another dry empty pitcher in the center of the table

2. Portion out the beer into the cups in equal amounts

3. One person counts down so everyone can start chugging at once

4. Once you are finished chugging, start to fold your paper plane from a dollar bill (see video below)

5. Aim and throw the plane into the empty pitcher (if you miss you can try again)

6. If you are the last one to make it or are the last one attempting to make the shot, you lose and must buy the next pitcher of beer.


By following these simple steps, the game can be fairly simple to play. After playing several rounds of PLANE$, you will increase comradery between your new friends in the bar.