Introduction: POCU-WEATHER

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POCU-WEATHER is a pocket-sized weather station. Which is Iot based application and helps in open-source monitoring of weather anywhere from the world.

Step 1: Gathering the Things Required

The Things required are:-

  1. Nodemcu
  2. DHT11 sensor module
  3. Breadboard
  4. wires
  5. PCB (if required)

Software requirements

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Thingspeak

Step 2: The Connection


1) Nodemcu > oled

3v >> VCC


D1 >> SDA

D2 >> SCL

2) Nodemcu >> DHT11

3v >> VCC

D6 >> DATA


Step 3: Thingspeak

create an account in thingspeak. and paste the api in the code.

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Test

Test it with the data from Google and just compare yours will be more accurate than google because the ground station is far away from you and displays only satellite results which monitors somewhere top in the atmosphere. Even you can access using thingspeak.

Step 6: Contribute

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