Introduction: Twitter Bot Using Python

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Twitter bot

Step 1: Requirements

  • twython
  • PySimpleGUI

Download the repository by link (or) git clone

Step 2: Twitter Developer Account Creating

Open an account in twitter

Then apply for the developer account

Click the link to know the procedures to apply for the developer account account

Step 3: Getting the API's

Go the developer dashboard and create a new app and name anything for your preference

Click settings once you enter and edit the app permissions to 'Read, Write, and Direct Messages'

save it and go to the Keys and tokens Click 'view keys' for API Key&Secret then save those keys with their names in a notepad

Then go back to keys an tokens and generate Acess token and secret then also save it in the same notepad file with their names.

Eg of notepad sheet:

Api key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Api key secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Access token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Acess token secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Step 4: Testing Code

Now go to the twitterbotGUI folder and run the code now copy-paste the keys from notepad to the GUI opened once running the code then in the tweet section enter your post then click ok.

Now check in your account whether the tweet has been posted, there is one more important step come back soon after checking.

Step 5: Important Step