Introduction: POD-1 the Ultimate 3in1 Photo Accesory!

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I'm lately so Creative that I Am suprising myself... Last time I was in bed I thought about something that would replace my old tripod. But I don't want to buy another one. So I came up with ultimate idea to make something that would replace me three things at once! I came up with an idea of making POD-1

The POD-1 name came from the last three letters of word Tripod and the number one is giving you the possibility of the next version of it coming in the future ;)

So, mainly it is a small tripod that allows you to set your camera or phone steady on the ground, however, there are two other functions of it. By using an o-ring to hold the legs together you get really nice camera grip to have with you when you need it! And if you need monopod, you can attach it to the cheap selfie stick and get yourself nice small monopod to keep your photos steady and sharp!

In my opinion it makes it ultimate photography 3in1 device!

If you printed POD-1 please upload photos here! I'd love to see them!

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Step 1: The Idea.

I am kind of bored seeing instructables that just show ready stuff without explanation. So in my instructables I always try to explain what I have done, whether when I make DIY stuff or just 3D model. I highly encourage you to try design your own POD-1!

At the university I was told to always draw my ideas so I can have better view on what I want to design or 3D model. It is totally good way of thinking. But this time when I came up with an idea I exactly knew what I want to make. Sometimes I am thinking in 3D so I knew how to design legs of the tripod to make them fold nicely, where to place hole for the screw and how it should work.

Basic criteria of my design was:

  • Maximum usefulness
  • Portability
  • Easiness of use
  • Sturdy design
  • Modern look

I can't judge myself if I fulfill this criteria or not, I will leave it to you ;) Tell me in the comments what would you change if you were me!

Step 2: The Legs.

I decided that the legs should be about 9 cm in lenght, it would make about 18 cm radius around the center of the tripod. I am sure that it will keep steady every smartphone, and some light cameras like GoPro.

The design of the legs gives them ability to fold creating a camera grip, there is 120 degree angle that allow them to fold and leave almost no space between them, there is also small groove so you can put there silicone o-ring to keep the legs together in that mode.

One of the legs have place to attach a lanyard for the maximum safety.

I recommend printing POD-1 legs in 100% infill for the best performance and strength.

Step 3: Base With Tripod Screw

Base was a little bit of challenge for me, I was considering an option with ball joint to allow it freely move in the monopod mode, but I found it will be inconvenient in camera grip and tripod mode. So I stayed with the "bare screw" option. Of course you can attach your own ball joint to it as well as other accessories.

The base needed to be possibly small to make the tripod as small as possible when folded into camera grip mode. But it should allow user to still have safe and secure connection with the camera that is attached.

I highly recommend printing this part in ABS or Nylon (or other strong plastic). If you print it with ABS try to reinforce it using acetone to allow the layers to bond really good.

Step 4: Assembly

Despite of the 3D printed parts, you will need to buy the following:

  • 1/4" tripod screw
  • metal rod 3mm in diameter
  • Thin rubber Or EVA foam sheet
  • to get flexible joint for monopod mode you can use this: Octopus 1/4 Monopod / Tripod Ball Head
  • rubber o-ring to hold legs together in grip mode

Be sure to clean all support material from your prints if the was any, I recommend you to use some fine grit sandpaper to make the parts smooth. If you use ABS plastic it will be good to use some acetone to reinforce the base and the legs and then use sandpaper.

After all parts are cleaned and sanded take the 3mm rod and fix the legs to the base, but be sure to not over tighten them! Last but not least part is to place tripod screw in the place.

When you finish assembly, cut a square out of the Eva foam or rubber. It have to be a little bigger than the base of the POD-1. If you find self adhesive version it would be easy to glue it. It is just cosmetics action, but it will also protect your device from scratching. When you glue the square to the tripod base cut off the excess from the edges.

You have to print two legs without lanyard hole be sure to check what file you download to print!

If you like my work and want to help me, please visit my pinshape account: HERE
You can buy files there for symbolic 1,30$. It is not lots of money but it can help me in future projects. THANK YOU

Step 5: Enjoy Your POD-1 !

I hope you last long enough to read this step! Thank you for following my instructions!

If you printed and assembled your POD-1 please share your photos in the comments! I always like seeing my projects done by others!

You have your own idea of how POD-1 should look? Send me it in the private message, or upload photos in the comments! Your idea can be included in this instructable if I like it!

Stay tuned for the other instructables and maybe POD-2 version !

Thanks for reading! See you in another instructable!

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