1. What is this ?

The pomodoro technique is a time management skill that divided working time into 25 mins block and follows 5 mins breaking time . details as below:

This timer is a easy to use hardware device which designed for the pomodoro technique.
1. when you turn it on , it will run the working countdown for 25 mins as pic 1

2.When the working time finished, beeper sounds (pic2), filps the timer make it stand on the back , it will begin the breaking time countdown and time (as pic3 )to stand up and take a break .

3.when breaking time countdown finished, flip it back to start next working circle.

The Chinese character "正" (zheng)(pic4) means 'positive' in Chinese. it writes in 5 strokes, so Chinese people traditionally use "正" to count numbers. In this case, when the working time goes by 1/5 , one stroke will be drawn. when "正" is written, working time over.(pic4)

The setting keys allow you to set customize your 3 sets of working time and breaking time and will be save automatically.(pic5)

Step 1: Design the Structure of Timer by Sketchup.

I design the timer plastic casing by the handy 3D software- SketchUp . The timer could stand on back and back by fliping .

Step 2: BOM List

1. 3d print plastic casing

2.customized segment LCD


4.MCU: STM8L101


6.Resistorx6 (100Rx1,1kx2,10kx3)

Capacitorx2 (0.1u)

transistor :J3Yx2


7. sw520D flipping switch

Step 3: Programming STM8L101 and Assemle All Components and Test, Debug, Teste So on an So Forth

This step takes me serval months go with design, programming,debugging , and tons of chores . Long story short . I finally make all components work with each other and make the first sample product.

Step 4: Make It Colorful

Since 3d print a colorful plastic casing is quite expensive and no suitable color to fit. I choose to buy a painting can DIY. it cost about 10 usd to buy 4 cans and it works fine. However I wish I could enough money made it by real color plastic.

There are too many details to be written on this project,if you have interest pls send me message or comment. thanks!

BTW. here are samples are available