Introduction: Retropie Pi Mini Arcade Pi-man

I long for small arcade which can place on a desk to play also make a use of my respberry Pi2 B+ board. Actually if you have no requirement of arcade case or attached speakers you can just connect your TV and PI as above to play but I decide to make a arcade case with 5 inch LCD and 5Watt speaker that shows my respect to retro games.

Step 1: Draw the Arcade Case

I use sketchUP to draw the case as above . since I want to reuse a abandon LED desk lamp to make my LCD shelf .so I didn't draw the LCD holder.(also it is too complicate for me to draw it, if you can make it please let me know). It has a speaker mask which I found out it is not strong enough in 3d print sample.Sure you can make it better. Here I attached the .skp and .stl file for your reference.

Step 2: BOM and Cost

1.respberry Pi2 B+ board X1

2.5 inch LCD with HDMI interface ( 15 usd)

3.5 watt speaker x1 ( 5 usd)

4. audio amplifier boardx1 (4 usd)

5.12V cooling fan (3 usd)

6. 3D print arcade case (about 40 usd)

7. LED x2 , 1k resistor x3 , switchx1, (2 usd)

I don't have a 3d printer so far so I send the .stl file to print online . It cost me about 40 usd. the rest components it about 30 usd in total.

Step 3: Color the Case and Make the Lcd Support

I use grey paint sprayer to color the case and deteched the used LED lamp support to be used as a LCD holder.

Step 4: Electronic Connection and Assembling

The schematic is quite simple but did spend me a whole day to put it all together.

Step 5: Done and Little Tips

I use a 12V 2A adapter to power this arcade. it works good. but when pi initial there is a lightenning bolt sign . that mean the 5v is actually low power for PI , adjust to 5.1V will be good. And aslo I use 3.5 mm pi audio jack as audio output . there is white noise but it is acceptable during game playing.

I bought most of parts from taobao later I will try to find if they could be find on aliexpresss or some other international platform.

Though it is rough but still has a lot fun to play . Later I am going to make update version .

looking forward to your advise if you have interest on retro games.