About: English is not my first language. I use Google Translator and patience of friends to write Instructables. Feel free to point out style, syntax or grammatical errors. Actually I work in TECHSHOP Menlo Park CA …

I made it At Techshop

Step 1: Go in Person to Porsche Haven

Step 2: Buy the Oil

Step 3: Go to the Techshop Auto Bay

Step 4: Try to Put the Car Over the Ramps, Oops, the Car Is to Low ...

Every time, try to have someone clever than you helping out... 

Step 5: Lifting the Car

... ask "How can I do this?" and just do it!

Step 6: Right Place for a Jack (you Can See the Oil Screw)

Step 7: Now the Car Is Safe

Step 8: Release the Oil Screw

Step 9: Open the Hood

Oops, I left the piece of pizza I used for another Instructable....ahahah....

Step 10: Do Not Eat the Pizza

Looks like after 50 miles, the pizza is burned ... Don't eat it!

Step 11: Here Is the Oil Filter

Step 12: Get a Pan

Go fetch a pan in the OIl Change Station at theTechShop

Step 13: Place the Pan

The Jack is in the way, lets try to place the pan over the Jack

Step 14: Job Done During Lunch Time

Yes, I did it during lunch time

Step 15: Get the Necessary Tools

Fetch a cart to roll under the car and a tool #15

Step 16: Take Out the Screw

Step 17: A Little Bit of Drama ...

Let the drama begin !

The pan is overflowing as the screw clogged the pan drain !

Step 18: Finding the Correct Tool

Be sure to find the correct tool to take the old filter out !

I used the new filter to be sure I was picking up the correct one

Step 19: And Take the Old Filter Out

Step 20: Old and New, Side by Side

Step 21: After Put New Filter, Drop the New Oil, Put Your Finger for Do Not Drop Out of the Role

After installing your new filter, pour the new oil. 

Don't forget to control the flow of the liquid (I use my finger) :-)

Step 22: Don't Waste Oil

Let the bottle drip dry ... 

Step 23: Done :-)))

Close the lid .... Done .... During lunch break

Step 24: Is the Drama Continuing ?

When I am in the process of disposing the oil .... I see something terrible! There is a washer in the pan !!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 25: Now What ? Take the Oil Screw and Put the Washer or Left As Is?

What do I do ?

Do I put the washer back, or do I leave it alone ?

Step 26: Clean a Pan

i decide to put back the washer.

I will clean a pan because I don't want to loose the new oil

I am not happy about it !

Step 27: Lets Do It Again

The pan is clean and ready to do its job :-)

Step 28: I Have to Do Something About My Previous Drama ....

The oil has over-flown everywhere ... It is a mess. I need to clean it before doing anything else !

Step 29: Saw Dust Is Your Friend !

Tom is great as usual :))) He suggests I use sawdust to clean all the mess. GREAT SOLUTION, it is free (from the wood shop) and very efficient for the oil

Step 30: Saw Dust Everywhere

Step 31: Put the Washer in Place

Lets do it again ...

Remove the screw, put the washer in place, and put the screw back immediately

This time, I know where to put the pan !

Step 32: Only a Little Drip of Oil

Step 33: Put the Old Oil InDispose of the Old Oil the Barril

Dispose of he old oil in the barrel

Step 34: Move Your Car Out

Move your car out of the auto-bay

Step 35: Don't Forget to Clean-up

Clean up the mess with a scraper

Step 36: Keep on Cleaning

The saw dust goes into the trash can

Step 37: More Oil

Pour a little more new oil

Step 38: Check the Oil Level

Step 39: Job Is DONE :-)