Introduction: PORTABLE LED LIGHT (Simple, Low Cost and Beautifully Designed)

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This is a very low cost and easy project to make. It can made easily with a cost of less than ₹100 (less than $2).

This can be used in many places like in emergency, when there is a power cut, when you are outdoors....bla..bla..bla..

So.. What are you waiting for....

Lets.. Get ur mind ready and Instruct This....

Step 1: Things to Gather Up

For making this project you need to get all the below stuffs...

1. Lead Acid battery of 4 Volt connected with wires and switch (As shown in the figure 1)

2. A 4 Volt 6x LED strip

3. Some tools (As shown in the figure 3 and 4)

Step 2: Getting the Things Ready for Soldering.

Firstly, take the Battery and the LED strip and apply the solder paste on the two wires of the battery (as shown in the figure), and Aluminium Solder on the two terminals of the LED.

As, I had previously fixed the switch on the battery, so no need to solder the battery again. But you can fix the switch according to your wish.

Step 3: Soldering Part

Solder the wires of the battery to the respective terminals of the LED strip (as shown in the figure).

Part soldering make sure that all the solders are applied properly and check it also by switching on the switch.

Step 4: Finalizing the Set Up

Apply the Double Sided Tape (DST) on the back side of the LED Strip (as shown in the picture 1) and stick it to one side of the battery (as shown in the Picture 2).

Add Radium Sticker on the top of the LED Strip (Above one LED), so that you can find this when there will be darkness.

Step 5: The Project Is Ready

After all the previous steps, your project now READY to use. You can also apply some hot glue to fix all the parts perfectly and design it in a different way too.

So, make this project and If you like it, follow me and make it as Favorite.



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