PS3 Controlled Nomad 4 Wheel Drive Truck

Introduction: PS3 Controlled Nomad 4 Wheel Drive Truck

PS3 Controlled Truck

Step 1: Build Nomad 4 Wheel Drive Truck

Step 2: Add an Arduino UNO, USB Host Controller, and Motor Shield

Step 3: Connect the Motors, and Bluetooth Dongle

Connect the 4 motors to the motor shield( use the Monster Moto shield from sparkfun). Then connect the Bluetooth dongle to the USB host shield

Step 4: Check PS3 Bluetooth Connectivity

Step 5: Add the Motor Code Too the PS3 Code

Step 6: USB Debugging on PS3 BT

Enabling debugging

Step 1: Open setting.h from the USB Host Shield Library

Step 2: Enable debugging by changing 0 to 1

Step 7: Coding

Map the up and down movements(Y) on the PS3 joystick(only one of them) to forward speed and backward speed

Map the left and right movements(X) on the PS3 joystick(the other one) to left and right turns( they will both turn on and off the differnt motors respectively.

Step 8: Start Playing!

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    6 years ago

    Awesome project! Im building just the same rover just with a RC remote, but it would be better with a PS3 remote.
    Could you please send me a link to a cheap USB dongle that works on the remote?
    I tryed one I had but it didn't work with the remote.