Introduction: PS3 Controlled Robotic Arm

This arm can be controlled over bluetooth

Step 1: Parts

1. Robotic Arm

2. Robo geek Sensor shield

3. Relay Board

4. Arduino AT Mega

5. 3v Battery Pack

6. Double Female Ended wires

7. Pwm wire extenders

8. USB Host Shield

9. USB Dongle

Step 2: Stack the Shields

Stack the USB host and the robogeek shield on the Mega. Next connect the USB dongle to the USB shield.

Step 3: Connect Mega to Relay Shield

Connect pins 38 and 39 on the mega to IN1 and IN2 respectively. Then connect ground and VCC from the Mega to the Relay shield.

Step 4: Construct Arm and Do Wiring

Build the arm from Trossen Robotic's website.

Then connect all the servo as listed:

1. Wrist servo to DIO9

2. Base Servo to DIO3

3. Shoulder Servo to DIO5

4. Elbow Servo to DIO7

Step 5: Build Screwdriver Head

Get a small electric screwdriver and cut off the extra handle part. Then run two wires from the screwdriver, and connect it to a 3v battery pack. In the pack, solder a wire from one end of one battery slot to another. Then put 2 AA batteries in the pack.

Step 6: Download Code

Step 7: Pair the Bluetooth Dongle to the PS3 Controller

Connect the Bluetooth dongle to the USB host shield, wait for it to pair, then take it out the dongle. After, take a PS3 charger wire and connect to the shield, wait for it to pair, then push the PS button on the controller, and test it out.