Introduction: PS4 in a Car

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Today I'm going to be showing you our new playstation 4 in car in home bracket.

Step 1:

So the equipment we're going to be using today:

  • The car is a volkswagen jetta
  • Brackets
  • Wooden board 275×53×305 mm
  • Screen APPRADIO (SPH-DA02)
  • Inverter
  • Power lead
  • Hdmi lead

Step 2: So That's a Playstation Running Up on the Screen.

The bracket can be installed in several places. You can be installed into a seat of the car on the parcel shelf under the parcel shelf using the brackets to the base of the boot world to the inside walls of the boot.

Basically the idea and concept at the
design of the bracket is for you to secure the bracket in place and install your playstation console allowing you to remove your console leaving the bracket behind but still securely holding console in place when you're using it in the car so it means that you can take your console out of the car when you finish playing with the console and take it back in your house.

Step 3:

Please also remember that just because your console is in a car that doesn't mean you can't do online gaming.

If you've got a smartphone which most people do these days. Smartphones have something called tethering and personal hotspot depending on which one you got. This basically means you can connect your ps4 console while on the move while it's in your car to your smartphone sharing your smart phones internet connection.

Basically allowing you to go online and continue your online gaming.

So that's it installed in the in the -
the head unit now you could get ahead and get some headrests for the rear passengers and

put some screens in there too and you can all play the game but I've only just gone with the dash for now.

Good thing about this bracket is it holds the console in place so
that basically stopped the console rattling around in your car and basically destroying the console.

So here is the bracket here. You can see the leads the brackets the inverter the power lead to get a battery and hdmi lead.