Introduction: PUBG Airdrop Speaker

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Hey guys,

Today I am going to show you how to build a PUBG Airdrop Speaker.

Step 1: The Model

Materials Needed:

  • Empty Small Box
  • Piece of Cloth
  • Red Colour Paper
  • Black Tape

Stick the red paper around the box and cover the box with a cloth from one side. To make the strips i used black tape. Hence your model is complete.

Step 2: Electronics

Materials Needed :

  • Audio Amplifier
  • Audio Jack
  • 1 Speaker
  • DC Socket
  • Connecting Wires

The audio amplifier board which I am using is PAM8403. Connect the speaker and the audio jack to the amplifier board. The power supply to the board is through the DC socket and connect it to the amplifier board. Now nicely place all the components in the box. Make sure that you make a hole for the audio jack.

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Hope you guys like it.

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