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Hellow Fanclub & all the PUBG lovers, this time I come with a small version of this beautiful item. As I am a big fan too of the Gaming industry, also of PUBG. So I secretly keep making all the cool stuffs as a fan. So this time I bring you a mini loot crate. If you have played PUBG or not, but I'm gonna tell that this item is an epic piece.

Also its may be a gift for those who gets entered in the hall of gaming. Your friend, your cousin, your bf or gf or anyone crazy about PUBG is gonna love this.

Its mainly made of plywwod and some popsicle sticks & some of aluminium. So, not wasting time lets get and see what we need, to make one for yourself.


Materials needed :

  • Plywood
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Aluminium sheet
  • Aluminium stick
  • Fevicol or wood glue
  • Small nails
  • Whitener
  • Color
  • Black thread

Tools needed :

  • Jigsaw / Hacksaw or wood cutter
  • Knife
  • Plier
  • Brush

Step 1: Select Wood & Cut the Frame

I select 2mm plywood sheets for making the body. You can also use balsa wood or pine wood any kind of softwood, according to availability.

  • Do the markings on wood according to your size.
  • Leave cutting blade space

Now cut it with jigsaw or any kind of saw leaving clear edges. (I use ply, so the edges are not smooth, so i recommend to use wood). The box contains two parts, upper & lower. The upper part should have a lesser height than lower part.

Step 2: Glue the Upper & Lower Box Parts

Now take Fevicol or any other wood glue and join the cut pieces at right angled as shown in figure.

Join every other adjascent side pieces. Make two part upper and lower as a drawer and keep them for few hours to dry.

Step 3: Make Box Bindings

For the beads I used ice cream sticks. You can use thin wood also. Take length that is slight more than the box length and cut all the pieces for every side. You'll need 2 pieces for both sides, a total of 20 pieces including all the sides.

Step 4: Sand & Glue the Box Bindings

Sand :

Take a rough sand paper and sand both the edges of all the pieces to 45 degree.So that the consecutive edges can be fitted nicely. Sand cleanly all the parts.

Glue :

Now leave a distance from edges and glue all the parts to left and right side of the box. Use wood glue and again let them dry for couple of hours. After it dry completely, take out and sand the glued edges lightly with fine sand paper.

Step 5: Color It

Now is the time for coloring. I choose my one to be in reddish color. But its completely own choice how you like its appearance. Take some wood color and give a fine finish after a fine sanding. You can also give wooden finish, that looks good too.

  • Color with a fine brush
  • Give time to dry the coat
  • Color an extra coat of finish above it
  • Again let it dry the color

Now in that time we make the extra fittings.

Step 6: Make Box Hinges

For the Box to open or close we need the Hinges to attach. But such a micro hinges are not available, so we need to make two of it. For this we used aluminium sheets.

  • Mark the Hinge design
  • Press & bend the aluminium piece
  • Cut it accordingly as shown in the figures.
  • Mark two holes on it, so that it can be fixed on the box.

Make both top & bottom part, so that one can get positioned with the other.

Step 7: Cut Nails & Fix the Hinges

For the Hinges to be mount on the Box, we need some screws. For this we use some small Nails. Take the nails and cut them to its quarter length. Now fix the Hinges to the back of the Box with the Nails .

Now cut two small pieces of Aluminium wire of diameter 1.5mm. Insert the pieces between upper and lower Box part hinges to fix them with one another.

Step 8: Make Box Clip Lock

For the Clip Lock we used a small piece of wood and Aluminium Wire & sheet.

  • Cut a small piece of wood, make a hole on the middle.
  • Take AL wire and make a locker hinge and fix.
  • I used some hot glue to fix the hinge on the sheet
  • Make a hole on the box
  • Use wood glue and fix the Lock on the Box

Color the Lock in Black color.

Step 9: Carving the Logo

The logo part is really an important and time consuming part. It brings the showcase to your product. So take time and make it as perfectly as you can. In my case, I use my Carving hand tools & plywood so my edges are not quality finish, so i suggest you to use wood instead. it will give you a fine edge finish.

  • Use pencil or pen to mark the logo on top of the Box
  • Use Carving tools to cut the logo shape
  • Smoothly carve all the edges.
  • Now use white color or I used whitener to fill the logo in white.

The logo should be in the middle and should be in an appropriate size.

Step 10: Finished Product Showcase

So lastly we finished making our full product. Its been a really pleasure making it. Trust me if anyone is a PUBG lover, is gonna seriously ENJOY it. Its a Relic of PUBG. Keep one with you.

If you have any suggestion or question please feel free to comment below.


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