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Make an awesome L1 R1 Pubg Trigger using the popsicle stick and aluminum foil paper.

You can make this trigger yourself using household items.

You need Below Materials to make this Trigger...

1) Popsicle stick

2) Aluminum Foil Paper

3) Screw

4) Tape

5) Feviquik Gum

6) Two side Tape


Step 1: Cut Popsicle Stick

You need 7 Popsicle stick for making L1 R1 Trigger.

Take Popsicle stick and cut this from 3.5 cm from both ends like a first pic.

All cutting popsicle is should be the same size. Then stick 3 popsicle stick together using Feviquik Gum.

Step 2: Trigger Arm

Take two popsicle stick and stick as per pic.

Make sure both popsicle sticks are perpendicular to the 3 layer of a popsicle stick.

Then take time to get hardness to joints.

Step 3: Make Lever Arm

Then take two popsicle stick and hollow pipe for rotation.

Stick hollow pipe to the one popsicle stick end.

Then stick second popsicle stick like a picture.

Step 4: Drilling the Lever Holes

Take drill machine using 3 mm drill beat and drill holes to both sides of the trigger arm.

Make sure to drill a hole through it so it could move freely.

Step 5: Joint of Lever Arm

Take lever arm, trigger arm, and joint this using toothpick. Make sure to lever arm should move freely.

Then take two-sided tape and put on both trigger arm like pictures.

Step 6: Drill Hole for Connection

Drill one hole to the end of trigger arm.

Then take some electric wire and fold around screw like a picture.

Then pass this wire throughout the trigger arm and fit screw using a screwdriver.

Step 7: Wrapping Aluminum Foil

Stick electric wire to the one of two-sided tape.

Using the cutter and ruler cut aluminum strip. Then take this aluminum strip and wrap on two-sided tape.

Cut extra aluminum foil using the cutter and wrap tape around this arm.

Step 8: Drill Holes on LEVER

Drill two holes on lever like a picture and fit two screws using a screwdriver.

Step 9: Make Lever Springs

Take one spring pen and take this spring.

Cut this spring in length of 6-7 mm and put this on the screw of a lever arm.

This is L1 Trigger. You can make second R1 trigger following this steps.

Step 10: Enjoy !

Remap your PUBG control like the first picture.

Put This two L1 and R1 Trigger on fire button and zoom button.

Then screen off and on.

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