Objective: to transmit the power using non-conventional chair leg cover instead of conventional metal over shaft hubs.


a. pvc leg cover(hub)

b. screws, nut, bols and washers

c. wooden plate.

Step 1: Introduction of Hub

This type of leg cover generally used in furnitures such as chairs, beds. Its main function is to stable the position of the chair. It prevents slipage in case of any axial loads. Now a days the supporters which are available in thin size.

Suppose we are not having any conventional shaft hubs such as aluminium discs, couplings and you need to transmit power from motor then you can use it by doing some modifications.

Step 2:

They are generally available in limited sizes(inner diameter). As per the shaft diameter of your motor you can make a hole through driling in it. There are two faces, one is having flate surface and another one is having large hole.

Power transmitting to another elements requires arrangement of linkages. Now for that you can use a flat surface of the leg cover.

Step 3:

To engage the wooden plate with the pvc hub, follow the mentioned steps:

1. carry out the center calculation of hub

2. drill four holes in it

3. take a wooden plate

4. indicate the center of hole

5. drill four holes in plate

6. engage the plate and hub using screws

7. connect linkages in plate as per the requirement


To reciprocate the plunger/piston of pump by connecting the linkages with the wooden plate.

Here the dimentions of pvc shaft hub and wooden plate is given below:

1. wooden plate: 6.5" * 5".

2. pvc hub: Hub diameter - 1.6"

Hole diameter – 0.4"(before drilling)

Hole diameter – 0.6"(after drilling)

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