Introduction: PVC Desk Divider

The desk divider is used during test taking to prevent cheating from occurring by not allowing a student to copy from another students test.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

Two 18 inch PVC pipes with ⅛ inch thickness and a 1 inch hole
PVC cutter
25 inch curtain in your desired color
fishing line
spray paint of desired color
90 degree PVC elbow
2 PVC four way connectors (hole is 1 5/16 inches long and entire diameter is 1 10/16 inches long)
Two six inch PVC pipes with ⅛ inch thickness and a 1 inch hole
One seven inch PVC pipe with ⅛ inch thickness and a 1 inch hole
Two T-Shaped PVC connectors
1 inch PVC piece

Step 2: Cutting the Poles

Cut the pvc poles so two poles stand 18 inches tall and two  6 inch poles and one 7 inch pole

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

Cut the fabric so it is 18 inches high and 25 inches across

Step 4: Painting

Paint the PVC pipes and the fabric to the desired colors

Step 5: Cutting Fishing Line

Cut 9 pieces of fishing line each 9 inches

Step 6: Creating Holes

Put 3 holes in each side of the curtain except for the top using the scissors.

Step 7: Connecting Poles and Connector

Take the cut PVC poles and connectors. Connect the 18 inch poles to the T shaped connector on both sides.

Step 8: T Shape Connecting

In the bottom of the T shape connector, place a 90 degree connector.

Step 9: Piece in T Shape

Place a 1 inch PVC piece in the T shape connector.

Step 10: Placing 7 Inch Pole

At the open end of the T shape connector, place the 7 inch pole.

Step 11: Placing 4 Way Connector

At the open end of the 7 inch pole, place a 4 way connector.

Step 12: Placing the 6 Inch Pole

At the other end of the 4 way connector, place a 6 inch PVC pole. Repeat this step with the other 6 inch pole.

Step 13: Applying the Curtain

Take the curtain and tie the strings to the poles.

Step 14: Applying the Product

Take the product and place on the table so that the 90 degree elbows hold on to the edges of the table.

Step 15: Removing the Divider

To remove from the table, slide the divider until it comes off.