Introduction: PVC Garden Gate

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With the addition of temporary fencing in the backyard, we needed a install a gate on one side of the house. We decided since we have a PVC privacy screen on the other side of the house, a gate fashioned out of the same material would be a perfect choice.

Links to supplies and tools below can be found on our website.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Measure and Cut Materials

We first determine the height and width needed for the gate based on the opening where the gate would be placed. Here you can see we were temporarily enclosing the space with this old plastic screen. We measured and cut all PVC pieces using a ratcheting PVC cutter or you could use a miter saw although small pieces are easily cut with a ratcheting cutter.

Step 3: Assemble and Check Spacing

Assemble all the pieces and check spacing. This is to help keep the greyhound in the backyard so we checked to be sure she couldn’t wiggle through any of the spaces. She couldn’t, so we proceeded to lock everything into place. We used stainless steel screws added to backside of the screen rather than use PVC glue to keep everything in place. At this point the gate was ready for installation but…

Step 4: Add Some "Bling"

After taking it outside and putting it in the space, we decided it needed a little something more so we we cut up dozens of slices of PVC of various sizes and created decorative panels on each side. We have been pleased with how the construction adhesive on the PVC screen has held up so we decided to use it on this project as well.

Step 5: Set the Posts and Install

We started by determining where the 4x4 posts would go and dug holes using a variety of tools to break up the hard, clay dirt. Once the hole was deep enough we cemented the 4x4 and support PVC pipe into place. We did this for both sides. We added L brackets to the hinge side to connect the PVC support to the 4x4 and attached the latch.

We stapled the end of the temporary, renter-friendly fence to the post to finish.

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