Introduction: PVC Glove Drying Stand

When you come in from shoveling snow your gloves get wet and you want a place to dry them but don't have time to throw them in the drier. Well my mom tried to make a glove stand of her own but it wasn't very successful. So my dad and I decided to make a stronger and more efficient glove stand out of PVC.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  1. 3/4" PVC cut into the following sizes:

2 - 26" pieces

4- 8" pieces

9- 3 1/2" pieces

8- 8" pieces

2. 3/4" PVC fittings

10 - T's

2 - 90's

12 - Caps

3. Ratcheting PVC cutter (available at home stores) I'm 12 so using the ratcheting cutter made this project much faster, easier, and safer than if I used a saw.

4. PVC Cement and Clear Cleaner

Step 2: Putting It All Togrther

First connect two 8" pieces to a T connector like so and make two of these.

Now connect the two 26" pieces to the piece you have just made to form the legs.

Now connect the rest of your T's to your 3 1/2" pieces and put your two 90's on the ends to make a piece that looks like this. These are the only pieces that you should glue together so that the stand can be taken apart and stored easily. It is a good idea to glue these together one piece at a time and on a flat surface to make that all the T's will point straight up when finished.

Now connect the piece you made two the to legs and make it look like this.

Next take the rest of your 8" pieces and place them in the T's at the top.

Finally put caps on all the open ends and your done.

Step 3: Final Look

After you've finished putting it all together it should look like this.