Introduction: DIY PVC Pipe Lamp. With RGB and Bluetooth Speaker

Hello dears!

I'll tell you about my homemade lighting project. It is made of PVC pipe lamp with RGB backlight and a Bluetooth speaker. In the hardware store I bought:

— Air duct round PVC D100, L=1m

— PVC D100 flange

— E27 Socket

— Switch/wire/plug

— Tray for products made of expanded polystyrene

Step 1:

First of all, build the base. For this we took the flange and PVC, and tray from polystyrene. Just take the tray and squeeze the flange circle. For the cartridge for light bulbs, squeeze out a circle in the center. You do not need to mark anything. Just take the tray and squeeze the flange circle. Cartridge for light bulbs squeeze out a circle in the center. Putting everything together. Holds tight enough.

Step 2:

But still need to strengthen. To do this, take the glue gun and glue around the perimeter. The preliminary version looked like this.

Step 3:

Trying to put it all together. Even this option looks good

Step 4:

Next, take the PVC pipe. Tape to mark up an arbitrary design. Take the engraver and cut out all the excess.

The cutting process is quite long and very dusty. Do not forget the precautions. The final stage: sandpaper the edges where they are sawed off. These are the different looks of the transformation.

Step 5:

Now install the bulb with the speaker. The diameter of the lampshade is 93.5 mm. Ideal for PVC pipe D100 mm.

It's heavier than normal bulbs, so we added a hot-melt adhesive.

The result is as follows. The lamp can be used as a lamp with the effect of color therapy and relaxing music.
And a short video of the assembly.

Step 6:

And this video shows the lamp with RGB illumination.

That's all. I hope you like my homemade lamp. Thank you all for watching and like.

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