Introduction: PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

In this instructables i will show you how to make a Shoe Rack out of PVC Pipe

Step 1: Materials

60ft of 1 1/4 in PVC Pipe

20 1 1/4in Tee PVC Pipe fittings

Measuring Tape


Miter saw or hand

Step 2: What You Need to Cut

You will need to cut...

6 3ft pipes

4 1.5ft pipes

4 10 7/8in

12 1.5in pipes

8 2in pipes

Step 3: Putting It Together Part 1

Put Three Tee fittings together using the 1.5in pieces then at each end put a 2.5in piece.

Do that 4 times (Two for each Shelf)

Step 4: Putting It Together Part 2

Get the 6 3ft pieces and connect them to the three Tee fittings at each end.

(3 3ft Pipes per each shelf)

Step 5: Putting It Together Part 3

Connect a Tee fitting to one end of each 10 7/8 in pipe

Then Connect a 1.5ft pipe to the Tee Fitting then put a Tee Fitting on top of the 1.5ft pipes

Step 6: Putting It Together Part 4

Now connect the Shelving to the top and bottom of the main frame

And..... Your Done

You can make it taller if you want by making more 1.5ft,1.5in,2.5,3ft and Tee Fittings

Step 7: The Final Product

You should end up with something that looks like this

If you have any questions ask me in the comment section below

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